Véronique SOulié

Véronique Soulié has 20 years of experience in the field of employment. From a family of winegrowers, she created ISV to reconcile her expertise in professional integration and her love for the sector.

Emmanuelle Robert

Leader of the Wine and International Markets MBA branch
Emmanuelle Robert is in charge of the marketing, commerce and international wine and spirits classes. She is also an associate manager of a company that offers wine tourism stays.

Valérie Grillon

Leader of the Wine Tourism and Communication MBA branch
Oenologist and manager of a wine tourism events company, Valérie Grillon is in charge of the strategies of wine tourism classes as well as the viticulture oenology classes.

Yves Hamel

Negotiation and Management Professor
Yves Hamel works as a sales agent in the wine sector in France and internationally. He trains his students to negotiate and learn management skills through numerous role-plays.

Jérémy Cadière

Sommelier and Tasting Professor
Jérémy Cadière is a sommelier in charge of the tasting and sommelier courses. To see Jérémy Cadière’s videos click here.

Daniel Menacho

Intercultural Management and International Markets Professor
As a consultant in international wine marketing strategy, Daniel Menacho gives classes on key markets for the sector and on intercultural management.

Louise Massaux

Communication Professor
As manager of a communication agency specialized in wine, Louise Massaux trains to master a strong communication strategy and the Evin law.

Christine Poirier

Professor of technical English in the wine sector
As a professional translator and trainer in the wine world, Christine Poirier is in charge of the English wine classes.


Web marketing, web, e-commerce and social media Professor
Coming from a family of winemarkers, she is a consultant in a webmarketing support agency in Montpellier. Chloë Cipra teaches web strategies, web marketing, social networking, website administration and e-commerce.

Sandrina Garrigue

Export sales Professor
Sandrina Garrigue is the leader of the export of a wine domain, thus she is in charge of the export sales classes.

Louise Hurren

English conversation Professor
As an organizer of tastings and events in the wine sector, the English professor Louise Hurren, is also in charge of conversational English courses on the subject of wines and spirits.

Magalie Belkebir

Wine management Professor

As a wine management consultant, Magalie Belkebir gives the basic notions concerning wine management.

Véronique Martin

DTP (Desktop Publishing) Professor
As a graphic designer, Véronique Martin is in charge of the introductory classes to the DTP via software such as InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Catherine Duvinage

HR Coach
As a human resources coach, Catherine Duvinage is in charge of the research workshop for internships in relation to the professional project of each student.


Management Professor
Former pilot of the Air Force, Alexandre Thouroude is now director of the appellation “Grès de Montpellier” and provides management courses.

Susan Kuck

English conversation Professor
Language teacher, Susan Kuck, canadian, is in charge of English conversation and grammar classes.


Nan-Ping Gao

Director of the Château la Bastide – The Chinese market


Fabien Gross

Co-manager of the Avina and Domaines Pierre Chavin companies – The assembly and how to create a wine brand


André Deyrieux

Leader of – Wine tourism and territories


Aude Antin

Consultant in wine tourism, events and business tourism – Oenotourism profiles and wine tourism abroad

Sylvie Tonnaire

Editor in chief of Terre de Vins – Trade press


Thierry Poirier

Enologist and contest organizer – Wine contests


Xavier Renerre

Export manager at Bonfils Vineyards – The Northern European market


Yann Chabin

Academic and CSR specialist – Corporate Social Responsibility in Wine


Virgile Joly

Winemarker – Organic wines