About us ?


The International Wine Institute (ISV) is a private business school which offers high quality wine focused courses in the heart of Montpellier in Southern France. Courses such as : commercialization, exports, marketing, communication, wine tourism, E-commerce..

These courses are aimed at young graduates or professional retraining and who wish to be trained for roles in management, marketing, communication and tourism in the wine and spirit industry.

This specialised degree in Wine and Spirit Management is tailored around the expectations of wine industry professionals in terms of knowledge and inter-personal skills. The educational content puts a strong emphasis on the recommendations from these professionals: versatility, practical exercises that are relevant to the wine industry, fluency in English and also excellent presentation skills. It is for this reason that the classes are taught in English, and that tutorials often include wine tasting workshops, wine waiting training, French business etiquette and presentations from industry professionals. Our wine school is constantly innovating its pedagogical concepts: theorical modules are backed up by training or testimony from a professional.

Furthermore, we believe in integrated work experience with learning programs, which is why we offer internships in companies for a minimum duration of five months. By working within a company, each and every student will be able to increase their employability and will be considered as a future collaborator.

Our educational team is made up of permanent staff members as well as guest speakers who are recognized for their professionalism in the winemaking and producing industries. The entire ISV staff has a true passion for wine and wishes to follow the high quality approach demonstrated by professionals from the South of France. The school wishes to thereby facilitate the job search for students who have completed the ISV’s program.

The aim of the courses is clear: to facilitate the path into employment for our students. Veronique Soulié, the founder of the International Wine Institute, has directed an employment bureau in addition to having her own background in the wine industry, and has always been concerned about the problems that looking for a job can bring. Her golden rule for finding employment is to be well educated in the right sectors and to meet the needs of companies. Thanks to her knowledge of the industry, the importance of her interpersonal network and her experience in work and education, she aims to help open doors into the job market of the wine and spirit industry, which offers fantastic opportunities in France as well as abroad.


Address: 38 allées de Mycènes 34000 Montpellier, France

Ideally situated in the city centre of Montpellier, the International Wine Institute offers a pleasant working environment equipped with multiple services: fast food restaurants, a media library and a range of shops and boutiques nearby. There is no need for a car to get to the school: it is 10 minutes away from the train station and close to tram and bus stops.