MBA Wine Tourism, Communication and Events

The goal of this MBA program is to train high-level specialists in communication in the wine sector and wine tourism.

This “Bac+4” (Master’s degree level) course is in line with the demands of professionals in the winemaking industry who are faced with an increased demand in wine marketing and communication.

The program is thus aimed at young people who envisage a future in management with a strong desire towards working internationally, managing wine communication or even wine tourism.

These highly specialized courses provide fundamental technical knowledge and training in the wine sector and the industry’s expertise (Marketing, Law and Communication). This expertise makes up the core curriculum by adding a profound technical understanding in Wine Growing, Tasting and Waiting, thus providing everything that is needed to be a “wine expert”.

Seeing as English is a must for future managers, executives and those who intend to work in the export industry, the majority of modules at our school are taught in English.

This course is aimed at candidates who have completed a Bachelor’s degree, who have a real passion for wine and are open to working abroad, who can prove their autonomy and are responsible enough to work abroad on complex development projects.

While adhering to tradition, the Wine sector is more than aware that tomorrow’s issues are yet to be defined. This is why the sector is constantly looking for sharp profiles, capable of catering to these new challenges.

The program lasts 11 months.

MBA Wine Tourism, Communication and Events

The duration of the program is 11 months starting from September 2017.

The organization of the program is split up into 3 parts :



COURSE : FROM septembER TO dEcembER

The first part takes places at the Institute, alternating between taught modules, seminars and professional guest speakers.




The second part is devoted to an internship within a company in the wine sector. The internship lasts for a period of at least 6 months. The salary is awarded according to the relevant French legislation. Students will meet at the Institute a couple of times, so as to receive support and advice from Professors regarding both the work placement and the writing of the dissertation.



writing of a dissertation

The final part consists of the writing of the final dissertation, (in continuation with the work experience placement) and the preparation of a presentation.
Each MBA course starts with an introductory seminar called “Employment strategy” which aims to put into place a career path, understand the industry and facilitate the search for the work experience placement. It consists of technical workshops, an appraisal, CV and cover letter writing, personalised interviews, interview practice and professional research techniques. The seminar will be complemented, throughout the course, by visits to different companies, meetings with professionals from the sector and exhibitions within the wine branch. Everything in the course is based on the reality of the professional world of the wine business and as such students are required to dress professionally.

MBA’s program
MBA Wine Tourism and Communication

Taught modules

  • History of Wine
  • Retailing strategies
  • Marketing and Web marketing
  • Wine tourism and Event Communication
  • Story Telling
  • Communication strategy
  • Media Communication
  • Digital Communication
  • Initiation to DTP (Desktop Publishing)
  • Evin Law and Image Rights

Professionnal Seminars

  • Wine Tourism and Regions
  • Event logistics
  • Chinese tourist
  • French Business Etiquette
  • Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Press relations

Technical Workshops

  • Wine growing and production techniques
  • Oenology
  • Wine tasting and Sensory analysis
  • The vocabulary of the wine branch in English

Introductory seminar :
Employement Strategy

  • Knowledge of the wine business sector and trade
  • Shaping of a personal career project
  • Workshop focusing on CV, cover letter and interview simulation
  • Canvassing preparation
  • Individualized follow-up and research support
  • Testimonials from professionals
  • E-profile


  • Meeting with actors of the wine industry
  • Vineyard visits
  • Participation in major wine events of the Languedoc-Roussillon
  • Professional conferences
  • Follow-up with students during the internship and assistance in report writing

Foreign Languages


  • Conversational English
  • Technical wine vocabulary in English

Master Level Sud de France

As part of the MBA course, students will participate in the “Master Level – Sud de France”. This high-level diploma course is part of the mandatory curriculum; as such it is at the expense of the Institute.

The Master Level – South of France allows students to be recognized as experts of the Languedoc-Roussillon wines. This course, resulting in a diploma, is recognized by the Languedoc-Roussillon and the inter-professions of the Languedoc-Roussillon wines (CIVL : Languedoc Inter-professional Council of Wines, CIVR : Roussillon Inter-professional Council of Wines, InterOc : Inter-professional Council of Wines of the Oc). Thanks to the Master Level  – South of France, become an ambassador of the Languedoc-Roussillon wines!

The course is an intensive training over 2 days, based on wine tasting that aims to train professionals (from the field) to all aspects of wine and viticulture in the Languedoc-Roussillon area. The course focuses on the history and wine culture of this region, on the soil and the land, on the climates, grape varieties, wines, winemaking methods, and appellation systems. It is based on a comprehensive manual written by Matthew Stubbs, in close collaboration with inter-professions : CIVL – Airsud, CIVR, InterOc and Sud de France Development and French Wine Society.

Pedagogical Guidelines
MBA Wine Tourism and Communication

  • Mastering of the communication strategies of a wine business in relation to NICT (New Information and Communication Technology) and the establishment of a wine tourism project
  • Alternating between taught modules and professional seminars
  • Context simulation and practical cases
  • Technical workshops and conferences hosted by professionals
  • Profound education in English

MBA Wine and International Markets
followed by …

Employment in the fields of communication, marketing, wine tourism and start-ups in wine and wine related business (logistics, packaging… ) as well as in the works council and local authorities (chamber of agriculture, regional or general councils and professional trade unions). E.g. communication manager, wine tourism project manager, community manager, …

MBA Wine Tourism and Communication

Targeted public

Access to the MBA course requires a diploma that is the equivalent of three years of higher education coming from the tourism, marketing, communication or language branch.

Students must also be interested by communication strategies.

Access to this course is also available for employees in the context of an individual training leave or professional retraining.

Terms of access to the course

This course is directed at candidates who have a true passion for wine and who would one day like to invest in the development of new means of communication and sales (e-commerce, social networks, wine tourism, etc.). Access to the program requires a certain number of prerequisites : excellent English level, fluency in a second language is desirable as well as high creativity.

Access to the programme is limited to 18 places, as such a selection is based upon a strong application form and the success in the following exams :

  • English Language Test (Written)
  • General Knowledge (Written)
  • Motivational Interview

Validation of the course

In order to obtain the diploma, students will be subject to continuous assessment throughout the course, a final exam and an oral exam concerning their dissertation, which is conducted in front of a jury of professionals and professors.

Start of the academic year

September 2019

Tuition Fees

  • 9500 €

Registration and selection fees are €50.
We also offer the possibility of payment in the form of monthly installments, without additional fees.
Cash payment offers a 300€ rebate on tuition fees.

To aid in financing the course, we have bank partnerships that can facilitate access to a student loan.